At the heart of everything we do is the disabled person. Whether we are building programmes to help them progress at work or whether we are advocating on their behalf at a benefits tribunal. We are always committed to supporting the individual. We are also driven to see less individual organisations struggling to develop alone and encourage collaboration between multiple organisations as well as businesses and educators to achieve greater more impactful results.

Some of the work we are currently doing includes:

  • Disability Employment Events
  • A national Disability focused two day expo
  • Advocacy for benefits tribunals and discrimination cases
  • Building a Think Tank to ensure true representation of Disabled People’s views
  • Easy to understand resources to reduce the hours spent searching for information
  • Disability leadership programmes in the corporate sector
  • Funded Projects for community change
  • Working with Universities to develop projects around disability issues
  • Managing Access to Work Grants for employed and self employed disabled people
  • Creating a book of stories for disabled people who have pushed beyond their barriers to achieve their goals
  • A series of summits based on subjects that matter to disabled people
  • Consultancy for businesses relating to disability issues
  • Collaborative projects in Sport, women’s leadership, fashion and more
  • Accessible housing projects with home builders and housing associations